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Radio controlled clocks

Oregon Radio Clock

This Oregon Scientific radio controlled clock is driven by signals from the Rugby MSF transmitter in the UK on 60kHz. The clock is a free running quartz clock that checks a radio signal on the hour every hour, and corrects its internal quartz clock if necessary. It can show two time zones, the date, and has two independent alarm functions. There is a display of the strength of the last hour's radio signal (or an indication that it did not receive one). 

The Junghans Mega radio controlled clock also runs on its internal quartz clock and synchronises to the DCF77 transmitter in Germany on 77.5kHz. Its radio signal is checked on the hour every hour, but if it misses a signal, the number of hours missed are counted on the LCD display, up to 99. This clock can show the date, and has one alarm function.

Junghans Mega Radio Clock

Voltage: 3v
Battery type: two LR03/MN2400/AAA size cell

Voltage: 1.5v
Battery type: one LR6/MN1500/AA size cell
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